Private Residence
Bethesda, MD
This private residence encompassed
over an acre of virtually unused
backyard space. The home was built
on a beautiful wooded lot which
unfortunately suffered from massive
drainage issues due to the slope of the
property, as well as an inefficient use
of their property.

The sloping backyard was divided
into several interconnected yet
independent spaces. A large patio
was added outside the back
sliding doors and a large fire ring
was added to the corner. In
addition, the expansive stacked
stone retaining wall was utilized
to both separate the living spaces
and address the drainage
Stacked stone stairs located off
the patio were constructed to
connect the living spaces with the
newly installed gardens and
leveled playing field placed  
above the retaining wall.
The designer and homeowners
worked closely to create an
environment which was at once
aesthetically pleasing, but also
easy to care for. As such, close
attention was payed to detail. A
firewood storage space was
incorporated into the stone wall;
Stepping stones and pavers were
utilized to ease the burden of
carrying groceries to the kitchen.
The newly created landscape
transformed the backyard from a
virtually unused space to an area
appropriate for a backyard
barbecue, a game of tag or an
evening bonfire.
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